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Whisper others :

– What an evil spirit possessed you ?

– Where to seek shelter ?

– Which again is not it ?

Just yesterday , cheerful and carefree and nervous and sad today … My husband and kids got out of hand at work discord all around annoying chest hurts …

All women are capricious in nature or is it PMS … How often these days we women hear unflattering comments from others about their behavior. Uncontrollable outbursts of anger and irritability , changes in eating habits , insomnia , edema , chest pain … Plus – ridicule others , saying that such a period is nothing … you just have to wait …

Each month, the majority of women have had to endure the discomfort : breast swelling , headaches , irritation , sleep disturbance , fatigue , depression . All this complex of symptoms that occur cyclically , doctors combine the term premenstrual syndrome . Female body is susceptible to such changes monthly , often these changes are accompanied by nausea , bloating , indigestion . Continue reading

Colitis: Symptoms and Treatment

Etiology ulcerative colitis may be , infectious , ischemic , toxic and radiation . Symptoms of each of them has some special features , but generally fits into the overall clinical picture of colitis , as described above .


Colitis diagnosis based on patient’s complaints , history taking , physical examination , and an instrumental methods , particularly colonoscopy – and sigmoidoscopy . These research methods allow the clinician to visually assess the condition of the colonic mucosa , and if required ( colonoscopy ) fragment even select the suspicious area to hold bowel histology .

Before the examination of the large intestine , patients should undergo a preparatory stage , which is in compliance with a special diet and conduct certain activities on cleaning the bowel of stool. It is necessary for maximum objectivity and informative study.

2 days before the scheduled examination should refrain from raw fruits and vegetables , herbs , cereals , brown bread , nuts, berries , seeds , legumes , mushrooms, carbonated drinks , kvass and milk. Permitted the use of lean boiled fish , birds, clear soups, dairy products , nesdobnoe cookies, jellies , carbonated drinks, tea. On the day of the survey only allowed liquids: soups , boiled water , tea. At the preparatory stage is to refrain from the use of iron and activated carbon. Continue reading