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Balanoposthitis – a fairly common disease in women, which is characterized by the development of the inflammatory process in the head and foreskin of the penis . The disease is a kind of combination of two separate diseases – and postita balanitis . When balanitis inflames only the glans penis , and in post – foreskin . However, in most cases, both problems occur simultaneously , and so we have to talk about balanoposthitis .

Most often occurs balanoposthitis in childhood. In children, the foreskin still covers the head of the penis , which increases the likelihood of disease. Especially prone to this disease children having too narrow foreskin or phimosis – the inability to expose the glans penis .


Balanoposthitis ( as balanitis and post) develops as a result of penetration into tissue of the penis microorganisms. What kind of microbes cause disease is not always possible to install , but some of them can be a normal vaginal flora . In this case, balanoposthitis may develop due to unprotected intercourse. Among the ” provocateurs ” balanoposthitis many STDs – gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, pallidum . Also, the disease can occur on a background of candidiasis ( thrush ) .

Sometimes called balanoposthitis mixed infections – streptococci, staphylococci, yeasts . Also plays a significant role and the social factor . For example, balanoposthitis almost sick person whom a child circumcised . All the matter is that the foreskin delays pathogens on the glans penis , which contributes to the development of the disease.

May contribute to the development of balanoposthitis and high blood sugar . Urologist Alexander Juncker said that in urological practice often refer patients to determine the level of sugar. – Enemies urologists often reveal the hidden forms of diabetes . The patient comes to us with the problem of narrowing of the foreskin and the inflammatory process , and we find high levels of sugar – the doctor said .


Balanoposthitis when the patient feels burning and itching in the area of the glans penis . When you open the foreskin marked discomfort. During intercourse, the patient feels pain. Externally visible swelling and redness of the glans and foreskin . If the cause of the disease was phimosis , it is noted pus or smegma from the prepuce .

Sometimes balanoposthitis deteriorating overall health. Patient temperature may rise , and that there is weakness. Also noted in patients with balanoposthitis increased sexual arousal. This is due to the fact that the head of the penis is constantly irritated.

Treatment and Prevention

Most often treated balanopostit compliance simple hygiene procedures . Genitals need to wash several times a day with soap and water . You can also use a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide or furatsilina . The more you do this simple hygiene procedures , the faster the disease will pass . Usually balanopostit passes during the week. Sometimes after washing genitals appropriate to use special antiseptics . Also, during treatment , it is important to strengthen the immune system. Often, doctors prescribe balanoposthitis immunomodulators.

Antibiotics for balanoposthitis are assigned to the case when the disease is already at an advanced stage . In severe cases, the patient needs a special course of antibiotic therapy . In a case where antibiotic therapy had no effect , then resort to surgical manipulation. Initially, a longitudinal incision is done on the prepuce , whereupon inflammation usually decreases. Once the inflammation subsides a bit , then held circular excision of the foreskin , that is circumcision .

In the prevention of balanoposthitis huge place is personal hygiene . Also do not need to practice unprotected sex . And after sexual contact , carefully remove the condom , and take a shower .

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