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Best gift on March 8

istitelny peeling

Over a lifetime, the human skin is completely renewed several times . Withering away of the old and the birth of new cells occurs constantly . Unfortunately , dead skin cells often remain in the pores. Clogging of pores typically lead to local inflammation and the appearance of blackheads and pimples.

Free from dead particles can use the peel – physical or chemical cleansing. After this procedure, young cells are released , and the skin of the face becomes much cleaner and brighter.

The clinics ‘ Litus “and « MEDISPA », as well as beauty centers ” Aura “and” Apricot ” can buy gift certificates . Price ranges from 300 to 1600 hryvnia depending on which part of the body.
Treatment dancing – a fashion trend in modern medicine . According to psychologists, dance – it is a great way to deal with stress . Dancing man liberates both mentally and physically , relieving tension and stiffness in the muscles.

In addition , the occupation dancing improves coordination, posture straightens and develops flexibility, as well as a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system .

For a gift you can choose , both single and twin studies. Price lesson for one person and a couple of 300 and 500 hryvnia , respectively. The certificate can be purchased at the dance club “Fidelio” , studio «ILOVEDANCE», school dances “Square Studio”, as well as online stores «Darlink», and «Bodo».

Chocolate feast for body

chocolate obertyvaniePoslednie few years in our country practiced chocolate wrapping . Chocolate – a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, particularly magnesium and iron . In addition, it contains a huge amount of the amino acid tryptophan – a precursor of the hormone serotonin happiness .

Chocolate wrap positively affects the entire body , has a tonic and moisturizing effect . This procedure helps to fight cellulite , and a pleasant smell of the product calms the nervous system .

On March 8 treat his woman is heavenly pleasure . Can purchase a certificate in fitness studio and beauty “Formula tіla ” beauty salons «Alessandro» and “La Fleur ” as well as in a massage parlor “Dzherelo” . Price per session on average – 250 hryvnia .

Revitalizing dive

dayvingNemnogie know that diving is good for the health of employees . Diving increases gas exchange , increases blood flow and hydro has a positive effect on the capillary blood flow . Pressure exerted by the water has a positive effect on the rate of tissue regeneration , strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems .

Kiev dive centers ” Katran “, ” Aqualand “, “Nautilus”, “Triton” and “Alex” will be glad to see you . The average cost of the certificate will cost 1,500 hryvnia per 4-day session of 4-5 hours each .
Became a popular cosmetic procedure and mesotherapy . Cocktail of various biologically active substances ( vitamins, minerals, etc.) injected under the skin microinjection . The procedure is absolutely painless as mikroukoly made very thin and short needles . Depending on the requirements , drugs chosen individually for each person.

Mesotherapy at the cellular level increases metabolism , nourishes the skin with valuable nutrients and restores the muscle tone .

Such a gift on March 8 will be very useful, as mesotherapy help fill the supply of vitamins and minerals in the midst of spring beriberi . In addition , this procedure successfully fights subcutaneous fat , which often accumulate it in the winter.

Gift certificates can be used at beauty salons ” Apricot” , “Aura” Beauty Studio ” Laurent ” , as well as in the center of medical cosmetology «SENSAVI». The cost per session ranges from 600 to 800 hryvnia .

Cold massage for healthy skin

Cold massage today in Kiev many salons offer the services cryomassage . Alternating exposure to cold and heat has a healing effect on the entire body. This procedure reduces inflammation , soothes pain and toxins , normalizes metabolism and improves circulation. Several sessions cryomassage make the skin more elastic and markedly improve its color.

Such kriopodarok can be purchased at the clinic ” Litus ” massage parlor ” Natura “, a beauty salon «L` Flores “and in the center of laser cosmetology ” Lazerhaus . ” The average price per session is 300 hryvnia .

Healing properties of stones

Stone therapy Stone therapy or treatment of stones , used for centuries in the East. In Ukraine – is a relatively new direction, which every year becomes more and more popular .

Typically, stone therapy session is a superimposition on the body alternately black and white hot cold stones . Procedure was used for only 54 and 18 hot cold stone.

Temperature and energy influence minerals improves metabolic processes , as well as some cures nervous disorders . Many people stounterapija helps say goodbye to muscle pain , fatigue , pain in the back and legs.

Price varies stone therapy session from 400 to 1000 hryvnia . You can use the services of online stores «Bodo», «Emozzi», in beauty salons ” Apricot” , “Aura” , and a fitness center ” Jive “.

Unforgettable moments of communication with dolphins

communication with delfinamiPrekrasny gift on March 8 , you can teach a woman , giving her communication with dolphins . It is an open secret that spending time with these clever marine life miraculously affects on health .

Ultrasonic range published dolphins sounds beneficial effects on the nervous system and increases the production of hormones. As shown by numerous studies , communication with dolphins strengthens the immune system , normalize metabolism and improve brain activity.

Unfortunately, due to the high cost of this service is not available to all . Just 10 minute swim with the dolphins will cost you 1000 hryvnia . Certificates can be purchased in the dolphinarium “Nemo” , as well as online stores «Bodo», «Darlink» and «Emozzi».

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