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Krypto: diagnosis and treatment

Inflammatory processes result in stagnation of feces , pathogens , trauma crypts . Krypto is pain that increases with defecation, weight, pressure , itching of the anus blood in the stool . Without timely treatment of inflammation can include other crypts and develop into a purulent proctitis , acute abscess or manifest as other complications.

What provokes the appearance kriptita

Inflammation in the crypt can be caused by a breach of the process emptying the rectum or injury crypt walls (eg , skinned seeds, bones , trapped in the feces ) .

Appearance kriptita promote constipation, diarrhea , goiter, poor hygiene anus , hemorrhoids , prolonged sitting , alcohol , greasy, fried , salty, spicy food borne infections (chlamydia , gonorrhea) .

How to recognize the crypto Continue reading

Age-related changes in the spine

Spine – the main pillar of our body , which over the years , like all organs and systems , is also subject to change. So , intervertebral discs gradually become thinner and bone tissue due to various negative factors undergoes degenerative- dystrophic changes .

As a rule, the above changes are observed in the age of 45-50 years , which is a normal variant . If these processes have been reported in persons under 40 years old, it is likely that it is a pathological process .

Unfortunately , I must admit that today the disease of the spinal column noticeably younger. Most doctors attribute this state of affairs with a sedentary lifestyle , metabolic disorders , obesity ( thereby increasing the load on the spine ) , poor environmental conditions and many other factors .

The first ” strike” on the intervertebral discs

The first signs of age-related changes occur in the intervertebral discs. There are several reasons . First, the food deteriorates with age cartilage , including due to multiple microtraumas that were obtained throughout life . Furthermore, compressed blood vessels surrounding the disk , thereby deteriorating its power . Sedentary lifestyle , bad habits and overweight only promote ( accelerate ) the development of such disorders. On the ability to make everyday walking outdoors , swim and lead an active lifestyle. This will strengthen the bloodstream and stimulates metabolism , which would prolong the youth of the spine. Continue reading

How to restore the hair after lightening

Of course you can , and to avoid this responsibility , but in this case, your risk of blonde hair quickly turn into a lifeless and ugly tow . To avoid this and to prevent the need to think in advance how you will restore your hair after reincarnation. And it should be done absolutely everything unnatural blondes . Do you need to start even before coloring.

Home or at the hairdresser ?

Composition – ammonia + gidroperit + shampoo + water – leave the twentieth century . It is this ” fusion ” means hair instantly depriving life , brightens women 10-20 years ago . Just did not have other alternatives . Later, there were professional paints , based sparing formula . After their application hair look more alive , and you may well be buying paint solid firm , lighten your hair at home.

But , nevertheless , it is best to lighten hair in the barbershop , where a specialist objectively evaluate the condition of your hair and sets the optimal paint. Also after clarification you may find that the hair ends suffered greatly after the procedure, it is better to remove – let the hair will be shorter , but they look lively and attractive . Continue reading


Whisper others :

– What an evil spirit possessed you ?

– Where to seek shelter ?

– Which again is not it ?

Just yesterday , cheerful and carefree and nervous and sad today … My husband and kids got out of hand at work discord all around annoying chest hurts …

All women are capricious in nature or is it PMS … How often these days we women hear unflattering comments from others about their behavior. Uncontrollable outbursts of anger and irritability , changes in eating habits , insomnia , edema , chest pain … Plus – ridicule others , saying that such a period is nothing … you just have to wait …

Each month, the majority of women have had to endure the discomfort : breast swelling , headaches , irritation , sleep disturbance , fatigue , depression . All this complex of symptoms that occur cyclically , doctors combine the term premenstrual syndrome . Female body is susceptible to such changes monthly , often these changes are accompanied by nausea , bloating , indigestion . Continue reading

Colitis: Symptoms and Treatment

Etiology ulcerative colitis may be , infectious , ischemic , toxic and radiation . Symptoms of each of them has some special features , but generally fits into the overall clinical picture of colitis , as described above .


Colitis diagnosis based on patient’s complaints , history taking , physical examination , and an instrumental methods , particularly colonoscopy – and sigmoidoscopy . These research methods allow the clinician to visually assess the condition of the colonic mucosa , and if required ( colonoscopy ) fragment even select the suspicious area to hold bowel histology .

Before the examination of the large intestine , patients should undergo a preparatory stage , which is in compliance with a special diet and conduct certain activities on cleaning the bowel of stool. It is necessary for maximum objectivity and informative study.

2 days before the scheduled examination should refrain from raw fruits and vegetables , herbs , cereals , brown bread , nuts, berries , seeds , legumes , mushrooms, carbonated drinks , kvass and milk. Permitted the use of lean boiled fish , birds, clear soups, dairy products , nesdobnoe cookies, jellies , carbonated drinks, tea. On the day of the survey only allowed liquids: soups , boiled water , tea. At the preparatory stage is to refrain from the use of iron and activated carbon. Continue reading

Common Errors lonely people

Building relationships with other people – not an easy task . Wanting to improve relations with the opposite sex or others, people often do not realize that because of some words, actions and habits are still lonely. People make different mistakes , dooming to loneliness. But there are typical . Let’s look at the most common ones .

Common mistakes single people

Often these errors prevent not only build a relationship with the opposite sex , but also to find a common language with other people.

1. Expectation that you and your partner are thinking the same way. Everyone – personality and he has a right to their own opinion different from yours. Attempts to argue with that , to impose its will destroy the relationship.

2 . Illusions. Often people build illusions in relation to another person. If it turns out that the painted image does not correspond to reality , inevitable disappointment . Continue reading