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Causes of pain in the colon

Large intestine – this terminal portion of the gastrointestinal tract , in which the formation of feces and water absorption . The large intestine consists of the cecum with the appendix , colon , sigmoid colon and rectum.

Pain in the colon can occur in a variety of intestinal diseases , the most important of which are mentioned in this article.


Appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix ) – part of the pathology of the abdominal cavity , which requires immediate surgery. Originally appendicitis makes itself felt pain in the epigastric region , which later spread to the entire abdomen . After a while the pain is localized in the right iliac region . This migration pattern of pain indicates appendicitis .

Intestinal pain with colitis

Inflammatory process in the colon with infectious lesions called colitis. When this can not only marvel at the thick , but the small intestine. As a rule, in colitis noted aching in the lateral regions of the abdomen. In addition, in colitis may occur in the stomach rumbling , bloating , diarrhea mixed with blood, and frequent urge to defecate . Acute colitis can last for several days , and if left untreated , the disease can become chronic .

infectious diseases

Variety of pathogens capable of infecting the intestines, is extremely large . This may be bacteria , viruses , protozoa, and parasites . Almost all intestinal infections accompanied by severe abdominal pain , profuse diarrhea and general prostration .

Most often affected intestine Shigella (dysentery ) , Salmonella , viruses ( stomach flu ) , amoeba ( amoebic dysentery ) , as well as various parasites .

ischemic colitis

In ischemic colitis, an inflammatory process in the intestine occurs when the permeability of blood vessels, which supply blood to the colon . Ischemic colitis often develops on the background of atherosclerosis , diabetes, and other disorders that lead to the defeat of vessels.

In ischemic colitis pain initially have cramping in nature , and are felt mainly in the lateral regions or in the abdomen. With the progression of the disease pain become permanent.

Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis, intestinal lesion is non-infectious nature, and may be caused by allergies , food intolerance , genetic predisposition , stress and other negative factors . As a rule, in ulcerative colitis patients complain of dull aching pain in the lower abdomen often in the left part .


Dysbacteriosis – a violation of the microflora in the gut , causing severe bloating , distention , pain symptoms , as well as possible profuse diarrhea . When cal dysbiosis may acquire a greenish tint and have a characteristic fetid odor. As a result, cal can and does become watery.

intestinal dyskinesia

Intestinal dyskinesia – a symptom that often occurs in chronic stress, negative emotions , insufficient use of fiber and so on. In case of insufficient intestinal peristalsis , it collects food , causing it to ferment and profuse discharge gases.
Obstruction of the colon and marked abdominal distension of the abdomen , as well as cramping , which occur due to intestinal peristalsis . Peristaltic waves are repeated approximately every 10-15 minutes , with an interval and felt pain.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This functional disorders , which occurs on the background of the absence of any organic lesions in the colon. Typically, irritable bowel syndrome have chronic pain , but do not differ a great intensity.

other diseases

There are a number of other intestinal diseases , giving itself felt pain in the colon. These include:

diverticulosis ;
intussusception ;
neoplastic diseases ;
Crohn’s disease;
megacolon ;
Hirschsprung’s disease .
At first , even the most minor , discomfort in the abdomen should immediately consult a doctor – gastroenterologist.

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