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Colitis: Symptoms and Treatment

Etiology ulcerative colitis may be , infectious , ischemic , toxic and radiation . Symptoms of each of them has some special features , but generally fits into the overall clinical picture of colitis , as described above .


Colitis diagnosis based on patient’s complaints , history taking , physical examination , and an instrumental methods , particularly colonoscopy – and sigmoidoscopy . These research methods allow the clinician to visually assess the condition of the colonic mucosa , and if required ( colonoscopy ) fragment even select the suspicious area to hold bowel histology .

Before the examination of the large intestine , patients should undergo a preparatory stage , which is in compliance with a special diet and conduct certain activities on cleaning the bowel of stool. It is necessary for maximum objectivity and informative study.

2 days before the scheduled examination should refrain from raw fruits and vegetables , herbs , cereals , brown bread , nuts, berries , seeds , legumes , mushrooms, carbonated drinks , kvass and milk. Permitted the use of lean boiled fish , birds, clear soups, dairy products , nesdobnoe cookies, jellies , carbonated drinks, tea. On the day of the survey only allowed liquids: soups , boiled water , tea. At the preparatory stage is to refrain from the use of iron and activated carbon.

For purgation of fecal enemas can use , but this method is not effective , and besides it is very inconvenient to use. Therefore, the best solution in this situation is to receive special medicines , one of which is MOVIPREP ®. Preparation MOVIPREP ® reduces the amount of used liquid to 2 liters instead of 4 as in the case with other similar drugs. Part of the drug reduces the ascorbate complex solution of the drug use , but to increase stool volume . Polyethylene glycol 3350 ( macrogol ) also increases fecal and stimulate peristalsis . Sodium sulfate is a strong osmotic effect , and potassium chloride and sodium maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the norm .

Drug MOVIPREP ® is easy to use . For preparing a liter of solution must first sachet contents A and stir in a small amount of water and bring the solution volume to 1 liter. The resulting solution should be drunk within the first 1-2 hours ( 1 cup every 15-20 minutes ) . Well prepared and the second liter of solution . The first liter of solution taken in the evening , and the second – a day in the morning of the study. You can also immediately take 2 liters of solution on the eve of the study. To prevent violations of water – electrolyte balance while taking the drug MOVIPREP ® should drink an additional 1 liter of fluid . This can tea, bottled water , non-carbonated drinks and jelly .


Colitis treatment provides comprehensive therapy aimed at addressing the causes of the disease and its consequences. Drug therapy includes , as a rule , receive intestinal adsorbents , laxatives or antidiarrheals , probiotics , vitamins, detoxification of drugs and immunomodulators .

Etiopatogenetichesky therapy is aimed at addressing the causes of the disease. When helminths appointed antiparasitic agents for bacterial infections – antibiotics, and in ischemic colitis – cardiovascular drugs . Prompt treatment is almost not applicable .

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