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Common Errors lonely people

Building relationships with other people – not an easy task . Wanting to improve relations with the opposite sex or others, people often do not realize that because of some words, actions and habits are still lonely. People make different mistakes , dooming to loneliness. But there are typical . Let’s look at the most common ones .

Common mistakes single people

Often these errors prevent not only build a relationship with the opposite sex , but also to find a common language with other people.

1. Expectation that you and your partner are thinking the same way. Everyone – personality and he has a right to their own opinion different from yours. Attempts to argue with that , to impose its will destroy the relationship.

2 . Illusions. Often people build illusions in relation to another person. If it turns out that the painted image does not correspond to reality , inevitable disappointment .

3 . Excessive talkativeness and obsession . Too much information about yourself in the first time after they met , and inability to listen and try to quickly find out about the partner as much as possible , quickly bored partner / companion .

4 . Bad manners . Manners produce other person first and strongest impression . For example, if you sloppily dressed or does not mince words , to establish contact with the man will not be easy .

5 . Do not believe in yourself, to lose faith in love. If you are downhearted because of past failures in the relationship, if you feel unworthy of love , then such thoughts you really push away potential partners. After all the negative thoughts have bad impact on the appearance and behavior . Nagovarivaya for yourself, you can even seem inadequate in the eyes of people.

6. Immerse yourself in the work. It can only save the time of unrequited love, but excessive workaholism is dangerous to health and leaves no time for you to think about your personal life .

7. Replace quality with quantity . It happens that having come to grief in an attempt to build a serious relationship , a man ” indulges in all serious .” This happens with both men and women. Find your partner flirting and replaced aim to break as many hearts. But hardly a man whose name you forget the next morning, will become your second half. And , winning glory windy special or womanizer , very difficult to continue to expect a serious relationship.

Typical errors of single women

1. See in every man of her future husband . According to psychologists , men subconsciously identify women who ” prey ” on them in order to marry his and hurry to retire .

2 . See enemies in men . While some women due to a series of setbacks on the personal front begin to brand yourself and unfairly considered doomed to loneliness, others lose faith in the existence of “good” men. Often women themselves to snare the “bad” guys. But, believe me , most of the stronger sex is not the villains who seek an excuse to hurt you . And your man can not find anywhere else . Do not judge all men according to past experience .

3 . Inability to concede. Even if you’re right , let a man take a decision or remain unconvinced. For men, it is important to feel smart .

4 . Trying to bind to a loved one. Need to understand that after you started dating ( got a marriage proposal , or married ) man does not become your property . He needs to have their own space and the opportunity to meet with friends, to devote time hobby. Women often become possessive alone.
1. No shops around you girls. Do not assume that all of the wonderful girls already married to others. Look to your friends and colleagues, among them may be the one that , like you, wants to find his mate .

2 . Idealized woman . Ideal people , and in particular women , does not exist. Raising beloved in the rank of ” goddesses “, you get it to make extraordinary efforts to meet your expectations . This is an unbearable burden for the majority of women, so relationships are complicated , and eventually break down.

3 . Do not allow the woman to be weak. Most women want to feel protected . This does not mean that it should be dependent on men . Relationships within the couple often deteriorate due to the fact that a woman sees a man in his defender .

4 . Compared with the previous new girlfriend girlfriend / wife . You can not talk about the girl that she does something well ( or otherwise ) as your former lover or wife . After parting with former women, you have started a new life. To anything devote potential soul mate in your past failures in family life.

If you’re still alone , use this time to understand yourself . After all , according to psychotherapists to build harmonious relationships with others is necessary to establish a relationship with yourself.

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