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Exercise for the spine

Spine – structurally integral part of the human body , it is the framework on which hold vital organs , this biomechanical basis of the human body . The spine protects the central nervous system , and if there is any effect on the spine , the effects affect the whole body ; a human spine , in contrast to the hands and feet. When the back hurts , it feels anguish and the entire body all the time.

Usually when people have a sore back , they try to spend time in a horizontal position , the pain calmed down. Or people trying to give less strain on the back that there is less tension. This approach is understandable , and it is the truth . Indeed, during exacerbations better not to overtax the back and lie more , but not more than a day – or two. Instead of passively lying on the couch , it is very important to do exercises for the back. Exercise for the spine to help support the spine in normal form and struggling with painful sensations in the back.

Causes of pain

Back exercises depend on the causes of the pain. The first reason – constant load ( habitual movements ) , the second reason – fixed position in which the person in front of computer screen freezes .

By the usual movements are, for example , tilt slightly forward (again in front of computer ) , which is very bad for the state of back and cervical spine. How often a person leans forward to the computer screen to get a grasp of the letters , written in a small font .

Even when we lean to tie shoelaces , we repeat this movement or when we sit down and leave the car . Earth’s gravity (gravity ) plays a cruel joke with the man , causing the vertebrae to stretch quickly .

Exercise to be effective, you need to combine stretching exercises , strength exercises , light aerobic activity .

How to do stretching back :

When stretching should not feel pain , do not force the body to make difficult poses.
Perform stretching exercises slowly, careful not to bounce to avoid muscle strain .
Stretch on the surface , with enough space for you to feel comfortable.
Each exercise stretching should take 20-30 seconds to the muscles become more relaxed.
Exercises to be performed 5-10 times.
Stretching exercises of the cervical

Tilt your head forward . Need to sit down or become smooth, straightened his shoulders, slowly tilt your head forward chin touching the chest. Need prizhmat chin toward your chest until you feel that the neck is a bit stretched .
Tilt your head to the side. Slowly tilt your head to the side , touch your ear shoulder until you feel the muscles stretched . Repeat with the other side.
Back stretching exercises

Stretching the spine. Lie on your back , bend your knees and drag the knees to the chest , while tilting the head forward.
Alternate bending of the knees . Lying on your back , knees slightly bent, feet are straight, both hands grab one knee and push the chest . Repeat with the other leg .
Stretching the thighs and buttocks

Exercises for thighs. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart , take a half step back right foot , bend your left knee and shift your weight back on the right thigh . Right leg straight , lean slightly forward , try to feel the stretch in your hip. Repeat on the other leg .
Stretching the piriformis muscle . Piriform muscle passes through the buttock , can cause back pain. Lie on your back , put one leg over the other , his hands gently grab his leg under the knee , which is located below . Slowly push the legs to the chest . Repeat with the other foot , following the rules of the stretch.
Exercises with light aerobic exercise

Along with stretching exercises of the spine , it is necessary to perform aerobic exercise . Because they increase the heart rate , which is very effective in back problems . Aerobic exercise increases the flow of blood and beneficial nutrients in the bony structures of the back, which reduces pain and numbness in the back.
Walking. When walking, the load on the back – the minimum , so 3-4 km walk three times a week is very effective for back pain . Walking does not require any special equipment other than comfortable shoes , as you can walk on the street or indoors .

Exercise bike. For those people who are easier to perform exercises while sitting , better to choose an exercise bike or a bicycle. Perform exercises on the simulator you need as much as man is capable of . The main thing is not to overdo it , because if you feel pain, it is necessary to reduce the exercise. It is important to find a middle ground to exercise effective beat and bring pleasure.

Classes in the pool . Exercises in water improved physical condition back at minimum load . Because the buoyancy of water counteracts gravity, which can greatly compress the spine. You do not feel in the water its real weight and therefore become more mobile , and stretching exercises and strengthening – less painful . Such exercises as the Curl , circular motion with his hands and a variety of exercises for the back, easier to perform underwater. These exercises strengthen the upper and lower back , so reduce pain and improve overall health .

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