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Food at ARI

Fighting immunity pathogen infection leads to the formation of toxic substances in the body . A person with acute respiratory disease, especially at high temperatures , increased metabolism observed intoxication and its depletion of vitamins and minerals. Lost a lot of fluid and broken water-salt metabolism . Functions of the digestive system and excretory organs are oppressed . Correction of power during his illness makes it easier to cope with metabolic disorders and detoxify .

Diet for OCR should consider the type of infection ( viral , bacterial , or other ) , age of the patient , possible complications and comorbidities .

An important condition for a speedy recovery at ARI is excessive drinking . Fluid needed to remove toxins and metabolic products , compensation of water loss . During the illness every day you need to drink 2-3 liters of liquid. It may be weak tea , milk tea , cranberry or cranberry fruit drinks, regular water with a slice of lemon, broth hips , fruit and berry juices , compotes . Remember that tea with raspberry increases sweating , so if you decide to drink this drink during OCR should increase fluid intake .

Balanced diet with OCR

Diet ill person should be gentle – no hunger , and overload the body as food. The diet should be complete in composition and include foods that are easily digested . Cooking of food also should not create unnecessary strain on the digestive system .

Since at elevated temperatures an accelerated breakdown of protein , diet must include the protein foods (eggs , cheese , chicken, lean beef ) – not less than 70 g Quantity carbohydrates moderately desirable limit ( 300-350 g). On one hand, they increase the fermentation processes in the gut , and susceptibility to infection . On the other – carbohydrates contribute to the antitoxic function of the liver .

The fat content in the diet of the sick person is recommended to significantly reduce ( up to 60-70 g). They can provoke disorders of the digestive system . Add to cooked dishes butter and oil . Prefer soups on low meat or fish broth and puree garnish – they are easier absorbed and digested . Hot milk with honey and butter is known folk remedy for acute respiratory infections . But do not forget that honey – a strong allergen and can not be given to children under 3 years old .

The preferred at ARI products and dishes also include milk soups , fish, low-fat varieties , boiled eggs , steam scrambled eggs, cereal, vegetable puree , baked berries and fruits , dried bread . The salt content should be reduced : sodium “helps” the inflammatory process . Desirable to separate eating 5-6 servings. Sour and sweet-sour dishes contribute to increased appetite .

To increase the body’s resistance to infection and restore the content of vitamins , eat foods rich in vitamin C ( citrus fruits, kiwi, broth hips , etc.) ) , B vitamins (eggs, vegetables, poultry retinol ( green and yellow vegetables , egg yolk , cheese , butter ) . doctor may prescribe vitamins in the form of pharmaceutical preparations.

Main meals should be in a period of lower temperature.

With the improvement of well-being can be increased caloric intake . In the recovery period after severe infections recommended increased healthy food to increase of protein foods (up to 130-140 g ) , normal amounts of fat and carbohydrates. Food to take 4-5 times a day .

Receiving many drugs linked to diet . For example, some drugs are taken on an empty stomach , others – during or after a meal , so do not forget to follow the instructions in this direction.

Many children in the early days of ARI may refuse to eat . Often this is because the child is hurt to swallow because of irritation of the throat . Do not make him eat. In the acute phase of the disease is better to give him food in a warm liquid or semi form. Parents should not worry about the lost weight early in the disease , he will return as soon as the child will recover and return to him the appetite.
In the treatment of respiratory diseases, especially in the acute phase , it is recommended to abandon the dishes of peas , soybeans , lentils , cabbage , rye bread. contraindicated :

fried dishes ;
fatty meats and fish ;
sausage , spicy seasonings ;
alcohol ;
fast food and sodas .
Need to limit foods and beverages that can irritate the nervous system : strong tea and coffee, nourishing meat and fish broth .

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