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Freckles on her face. How to get rid of?

Get rid of freckles , you can use the popular methods and treatments.
What is freckles and where they come from ?
vesnushkiVesnushki – flat, round , brown spots of various sizes that appear on the skin. Freckles appear on the skin of both men and women , freckles appear all over the body , most often in places where the sun’s rays fall . The most common reasons for which there is freckles : strong sunlight exposure , heredity , hormonal imbalance, and others.
Despite the fact that freckles do not cause any harm to the skin , many owners of their dream to lighten freckles or completely get rid of them . There are folk ways and beauty .
Lightening freckles at home
Lemon juice . Lemon juice – a natural bleaching agent , whereby freckles become lighter or disappear altogether . This tool is effective for freckles, which did not appear as a result of exposure to sunlight , although these freckles too little lighter .
Squeeze lemon juice into a bowl (do not use the juice of the Covenant). Take a cotton ball , soak a tampon as follows in the lemon juice , apply on the skin, covered with freckles. Give the juice to soak into the skin, after 10 minutes, rinse with warm water.
To achieve the desired success , the procedure must be repeated daily.
Sour cream mask . Another natural bleaching agent for freckles – sour cream . Lactic acid helps exfoliate the top layer of skin , freckles and whiten .
Apply the cream on the area of skin with freckles , leave for 10 minutes , rinse with cool water , pat the skin dry.
Mask of fruit. Mix fruit, put on the area of skin with freckles , wait until the mask dries. Then make peeling the top layer of skin will gradually flake and freckles become lighter.
Cut kiwi and strawberries , mash . Rub the mixture into the skin, allow to dry completely , which is about 20 minutes. Make peeling skin , then rinse with cool water .
You can also use cucumber, apricot, strawberry or kiwi instead .
Honey . Mix honey and water , heat a little , then apply to the skin , leave for a few minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Mix wheat germ with a little warmed honey. Apply the mask on the skin, after 10 minutes, rinse with warm water, then cool .
You can also mix honey and yogurt mask applied daily for half an hour .
Eggplant. Take one fresh eggplant , cut into slices , put the slices of eggplant on the skin with freckles . Gently rub the eggplant skin with freckles in a circular motion . Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Use this tool every day for two weeks , freckles become much lighter.
Horseradish. Grate the horseradish on a fine grater , wrap in cheesecloth , squeeze out the juice , apply the juice on the skin.
Mix the grated horseradish and juice of one lemon to the paste mixture . Apply to skin with freckles , wait until the mixture is dry . Rinse with cold water mixture . With regular use, freckles become lighter and less noticeable.
Onions . To get rid of freckles is better to use a red bow. Take one onion , cut into thick slices, twice a day, rub into skin. Keep doing the procedure until until freckles disappear.
You can also rub the red onion, squeeze the juice , the juice applied to the skin twice a day. For best results , add a teaspoon of vinegar in onion juice . After two weeks, freckles almost disappear.
Castor oil. Another tool to help you get rid of freckles – castor oil . Before going to bed , apply castor oil on the skin. In the morning, wipe the skin with a soft cloth , and only then rinse with warm water . Continue to follow this procedure every day until freckles will not light or disappear altogether.
As an alternative , you can use vitamin E oil or olive oil to get rid of freckles .
Whitening cream . Now on the market there are many different creams whitening creams that help get rid of that freckles and pigmentation .
Please note that the cream contains licorice root extract , known for its bleaching properties .
Another ingredient in creams for bleaching freckles – scarlet . From aloe skin not only becomes lighter , but also moisturized .
The structure of many whitening creams include hydroquinone and oxybenzone . These ingredients do help whiten your skin, but they are very harmful and injure the skin .
Microdermabrasion ( Microdermabrasion skin). This technique uses a stream of tiny particles to remove the top layer of the skin , thereby lightening freckles . For visible effect you need to go through several procedures.
Chemical peels. Removing the top layer of the skin with exfoliation helps to reduce the amount of light freckles and remove freckles. Usually the procedure is carried out chemical peels on facial skin , as it can be applied on the skin of hands.
Laser therapy . The laser is used to burn the blood vessels that appear under the freckles. At the same freckles become lighter , or disappear altogether . This procedure does not injure the skin, but immediately after the laser treatment bruises , redness and swelling , which quickly pass .
Changing the way of life
Protect yourself from the sun . Some people are born with freckles , and in others they appear as a result of direct sunlight . Freckles fade in winter and darker in the summer.
In summer you use sunscreen . Apply the cream on the skin every two hours while you are in the sun. Wear a hat and clothing that keeps your skin from the sun’s rays and prevents freckles.

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