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How to restore the hair after lightening

Of course you can , and to avoid this responsibility , but in this case, your risk of blonde hair quickly turn into a lifeless and ugly tow . To avoid this and to prevent the need to think in advance how you will restore your hair after reincarnation. And it should be done absolutely everything unnatural blondes . Do you need to start even before coloring.

Home or at the hairdresser ?

Composition – ammonia + gidroperit + shampoo + water – leave the twentieth century . It is this ” fusion ” means hair instantly depriving life , brightens women 10-20 years ago . Just did not have other alternatives . Later, there were professional paints , based sparing formula . After their application hair look more alive , and you may well be buying paint solid firm , lighten your hair at home.

But , nevertheless , it is best to lighten hair in the barbershop , where a specialist objectively evaluate the condition of your hair and sets the optimal paint. Also after clarification you may find that the hair ends suffered greatly after the procedure, it is better to remove – let the hair will be shorter , but they look lively and attractive .

further care

Immediately after the hairdresser bleached hair look beautiful and well-groomed , but get ready for what is already in the process of washing the hair first you do not know your hair . When wet bleached hair becomes stiff ends tangles and cling to each other. Minimize shock first shampooing by buying the right tools for the care of bleached hair! And in the future , as long as you remain a blonde , just use them .

Properly wash your hair

Use shampoos which indicated that they intended to bleached hair. You can also buy moisturizing shampoo labeled ” for damaged hair .” Such means are usually transparent and liquid do not contain silicone or other surfactants . Special shampoos enrich the hair structure ceramides and active components , as well as protect against hard water , and, importantly , help keep the color and give them shine.

Wash bleached hair very carefully , not knotting them . Do not apply shampoo directly on the head, pour a little money on hand and spread over the length of the hair , gently massage your scalp a few times and ” stroll ” through the hair from top to bottom . Hold for five minutes and rinse thoroughly .

If until now you have not used special balms or conditioned after shampooing , then it’s time to start. This tool will provide you with easy combing , without it you will not only considerably namuchaetes , combing your hair, but not one hundred povydergivali hair. When choosing balm cater for special funds for damaged and dry hair , which contain amino acids in its composition , glutamic acid , vegetable protein , creatine .

Professional tools or home treatments

Do not make such oppositions , because those and other means sufficiently well -proven and tested in practice many blondes . Importantly, the issue of care – is systematic . If you are going to do hair from time to time , nothing good not expect even the most expensive tools .

choose cosmetics

It is important that professional cosmetics , we are talking about a hydrating mask contains nourishing oils ( grapeseed , olive , sprouted wheat , burdock ) , silk proteins ( they fill the hair structure and how to animate it).

Also, pay attention to the indelible balms and conditioners – they are intensely restore and protect hair from the external environment .

intramural care

Those same oils that are part of a special cosmetics ( almond, olive , wheat germ , grape seed , peach ) , you can use the in-kind oil fueling such masks and body wraps from time to time (once a week ) the scalp and hair . Oil should be preheated , and after application of polyethylene wrap my head and warm towel. Hold 1-1.5 hours .

There are also dozens of species of nutrients , reducing , hydrating masks that you can cook at home each of the available ingredients. So blonde recommend masks , which are based all known castor oil . Take castor oil, honey, aloe juice ( 1:1:1 ) and all mix . The third part of rub into the scalp , put the rest of the entire length . Hold for 30 minutes.
Hair dryer, curling iron , hair iron – try to forget about them . They further peresushat hair and quickly make them “dead” and can in no recovery. Additional harm – mousses, hairsprays , gels and foams . Try to avoid them as much as possible , using only when needed.

And if nothing does not help

Go to the salon where professionals advise special procedures to repair damaged hair lightening . Well established and polishing cauterization . Furthermore, in such a situation to support your body from the inside : drink a course of multivitamins .

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