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Krypto: diagnosis and treatment

Inflammatory processes result in stagnation of feces , pathogens , trauma crypts . Krypto is pain that increases with defecation, weight, pressure , itching of the anus blood in the stool . Without timely treatment of inflammation can include other crypts and develop into a purulent proctitis , acute abscess or manifest as other complications.

What provokes the appearance kriptita

Inflammation in the crypt can be caused by a breach of the process emptying the rectum or injury crypt walls (eg , skinned seeds, bones , trapped in the feces ) .

Appearance kriptita promote constipation, diarrhea , goiter, poor hygiene anus , hemorrhoids , prolonged sitting , alcohol , greasy, fried , salty, spicy food borne infections (chlamydia , gonorrhea) .

How to recognize the crypto

Symptoms depend on the severity , extent and general health of the patient. The characteristic symptoms kriptita include:

Pain during and after defecation . They can be as stupid and weak and sharp. With strong festering pain becomes throbbing .
Itching, burning , moisturizing skin around the anus . This is caused by leakage from the rectum acrid mucus that gets on the skin of the anus .
Discharge of blood . Typically, a slight bleeding . Krypto can leave ” trail of blood ” on paper or an effect of blood on the strip stool .
Foreign body sensation in the rectum.
diagnosis kriptita

In the diagnosis of disease proctologist considers the patient’s complaints and his general condition , conducts an external examination of the perineal area , palpate the anal area . In addition, the digital rectal examination of the anal canal , the area of the crypts , the distal rectum. Finger survey complemented Anoscopy sigmoidoscopy and using appropriate tools.

As a rule, external examination of the anus is not marked changes if the inflammation is limited to the crypt . Anoscopy reveals edema and hyperemia in the crypt , fibrin deposit, discharge of pus. Sigmoidoscopy shows the status of the rectal mucosa and distal sigmoid colon to rule out other causes of abnormal discharge and pain.
To distinguish acute crypto or exacerbation of the chronic course of acute paraproctitis , differential diagnosis . For this purpose digital examination of the walls of the anal canal and field crypt wall palpation is performed to the levels of the crypt between forefinger and thumb intestine of the skin . If there is induration deeper crypts , it says paraproctitis . Purulent discharge in the form of droplets from the anus – a frequent sign of incomplete internal fistula rectum.

If necessary, supplemented by ultrasonography diagnosis , proktografiey or biopsy (if suspected malignancy ) .

treatment kriptita

The method of treatment is assigned based on the results of diagnosis. In uncomplicated crypto used conservative treatment , which includes diet , the use of anti-inflammatory suppositories and ointments , thorough implementation of hygienic measures .

Diet for crypto implies the elimination of salty, fatty and spicy foods , alcohol . The diet should be such as to avoid a delay in stool ( cooked vegetables , cereals ) . If you experience constipation , you should not use a laxative , not to provoke irritation of the rectal mucosa . Better to use an enema .

Hygienic measures in the treatment kriptita include sitz baths . Water temperature is 37-38 ° C. corresponds to Such baths do with slaborozovym potassium permanganate solution takes 10-15 minutes . After defecation need to wash the anus with cool water and dry skin by blotting (not rubbing ) . At night appoint mikroklizmy Collargol solution ( rate 7-10 days) . If identified specific infection ( chlamydia, gonorrhea ), treatment kriptita held in parallel with antibiotic therapy .

If conservative treatment is ineffective , and developed complications kriptita paraproctitis as acute or incomplete rectal fistula , surgical treatment . Surgical treatment is also indicated in chronic crypto .

Best way to prevent kriptita – an active lifestyle combined with a diet rich in fiber as well as the fulfillment of the rules of personal hygiene.

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