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Neuroses bowel and their treatment

Gastroenterologists and neurologists agree that people with excitable , unstable mentality neuroses intestine is much more common than in those whose emotional state is more stable and predictable. So , stress , severe emotional distress , frequent excitement, fright , external negative effects are often the causative agent of intestinal neurosis . What symptoms can testify about it ?

The clinical picture

It is quite diverse , but often at a neurosis marked intestinal rumbling in the stomach , colic , diarrhea , or vice versa spastic constipation , frequent urge to arise defecation . The patient in the abdomen can be a feeling of fullness , burning , just a few sips of fluid causes a feeling of fullness . Characteristically, the night these symptoms may worsen, eventually provokes insomnia , and emotional state while further deteriorates.

We note that the run is fraught with intestinal neurosis – it can lead to serious gastrointestinal diseases , up to cancer.

For the treatment of intestinal neuroses as recommended attract gastroenterologist and neurologist, so to speak, on an equal footing as consistent and competent treatment needs as a cause and a consequence of the disease. However, before you start treatment , it is important to clarify that this is a neurosis , and not any abdominal disease .

How to treat

Basically here is favorable prognosis , but treatment can be delayed for months or even years , as the effectiveness of the measures depends on the emotional state of the patient. You can enlist the help of a therapist and try to get rid of the obsessive-compulsive disorder , anxiety , excessive excitability, tendency to hysteria . It is these conditions and cause intestinal neurosis , so removing their people can recover quite quickly. Another thing is that to get rid of all this is not easy , and sometimes , to be absolutely honest , is not so desirable. That is , the mind , of course, wants , but the soul , so to speak , resists. In this case, definitely need a therapist . And, of course , do not forget that in some situations you need to take yourself in hand and refer to what is happening philosophically : and this too shall pass !

Neurologist , for his part prescribe drugs for the type of nervous system of the patient . Most of them are harmless – valerian , motherwort tincture and other ” grass” , has a sedative effect on the central nervous system.

Very useful in this condition a relaxing bath with infusions of herbs, having sedation , such as mint and lemon balm . You can recommend a sedative collection mint – 3 tsp lemon balm – 2 tsp , yarrow – 2 tsp , wormwood – 1 tsp Collection pour a liter of boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes. Then drain and add to the bath. Take a bath should be within 10 minutes. And do not forget about the regularity of all the recommended procedures. It is extremely important consistency and coherence.

The role of the gastroenterologist

When the disease is necessary to stick to the diet , based on the total exclusion of products that undergo rapid fermentation contraindicated as spices, herbs , alcoholic beverages . Better stop smoking , if there is such a bad habit . Besides an appointment gastroenterologist lacto- and bifidobacteria , positively affecting the condition of the digestive tract functions .
In general, the diet should include adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. If intestinal neurosis accompanied by constipation , the doctor will recommend to include in a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables , a task which stimulate peristalsis .

We should not forget diet. Need to eat – fractional 4-5 times a day and do long intervals . Between meals snacks are recommended , but not cakes or pastries, fruits and vegetables and non-robust varieties. Generally you want to exclude fresh pastries , bread and bakery products should be only yesterday .

If the doctor deems it necessary, appoint an enema with a decoction of medicinal herbs (usually a daisy ) . This procedure is a positive effect on bowel condition .


It is appropriate to recall the adage that the rescue of drowning – the handiwork of drowning . Means that you need to protect your body and bring him to despair . Observe work and rest , fully relax, do not be nervous on every occasion , spend more time for favorite things ( think of a hobby if you do not already have it ) and surrounded by pleasant for you people.

In fact, a lot depends on us, on our relationship to the world . Do not forget that many of our diseases do develop in the nervous system , and thus prevent some of them are within our reach . The main thing is to want it and purposefully work on themselves.

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