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Ovarian cyst, what might be the consequences?

Ovarian Cysts – neoplasm is often found “unexpectedly” during routine medical examination. And the first woman’s reaction to such news – panic . But before you panic, you need to understand what exactly “grow” your body , and how dangerous appearance of cysts in the ovary.

What is an ovarian cyst ?

Ovarian cyst – a benign tumor that occurs in the body of the ovary and is a fluid-filled cavity . Cyst may be small, but can reach 10-12 cm and ovaries increase in volume several times.

At the moment, scientists can not fully explain the causes of ovarian cysts . It is believed that provoke the appearance of this growth can be hormonal imbalance in women.

Do the typical symptoms ?

Quite often, an ovarian cyst does not manifest itself and discovered by chance during a routine inspection of a gynecologist or ultrasound of the pelvic organs . And yet it is a neoplasm may provoke the following symptoms :

frequent urination
heavy bleeding during menstruation
pain in the lower abdomen pulling and aching
discomfort during intercourse
abdominal distention
nausea and sometimes vomiting , which may be accompanied by intense abdominal pain radiating to the rectum
When you see these symptoms you should immediately consult your doctor and do a survey of the body.

Types of ovarian cysts

There are several types of ovarian cysts :

Follicular cyst . It is a functional cyst, which is formed when the follicle is not disclosed and not ” release ” the egg in due time according to the menstrual cycle . This is the most common type of ovarian cyst. Such cysts have a very thin wall and rarely reach large sizes . ” Lifetime ” cyst does not exceed two months. Usually it disappears independently and this happens without any consequences.
Luteal cyst or corpus luteum cyst also relates to functional cysts . She appears after the last ovulation as a result of the accumulation of fluid within the corpus luteum of the ovary. May occur during pregnancy. Its dimensions , as in the case of follicular cyst small . Unlike follicular , luteal cyst has a thicker wall . This kind of cysts can survive for several menstrual cycles , or 3-4 months and then disappear on their own . Rarely takes a break this neoplasm , which is accompanied by bleeding , then you may need surgery.
Endometrial cyst occurs as a result of on the surface of the ovary endometrial cells , which form a cavity filled with menstrual blood . This tumor may be accompanied by pain and infertility . These cysts can rupture spontaneously . Their presence is usually require surgical intervention.
Cystic tumors or cysts organic – a group of tumors of diverse in origin, which belongs to the true tumors. Reaching large sizes, they can interfere with the normal functioning of adjacent organs may burst, then needed emergency surgery . Distinguish serous , pseudomucinous , dermoid tumor. Serous tumor rarely able to mutate into cancer.
Danger cyst depends on the type of neoplasm . But even the most “harmless” neoplasms may cause the appearance of a number of troubles :

If the cyst is growing on the leg , then its torsion around the legs can lead to necrosis and peritonitis
Cyst can fester and burst
Presence of a cyst can lead to infertility
Doctors have a term ” onkonastorozhennost ” just in case of an ovarian cyst. It means that , despite the fact that benign ovarian cyst formation , in some cases, they can develop into cancer.

Instead of panic survey

Based on the above we can draw the following conclusions .

No panic ! Panic when detecting ovarian cyst is not necessary because the most common is ” harmless ” option neoplasms, which will resolve itself in the coming months .
Examination and accurate diagnosis is necessary. To know what kind of cyst you have and what condition it is , it is necessary to conduct some research .
Treat or observe. If the cyst does not cause discomfort and assumes no risk for it , you can just watch . If it bothers you neoplasm characteristic symptoms and threatens trouble with him you have to fight through drug therapy or surgery. Choose a method of treatment should be qualified .

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