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Say no allergies!

Allergies – is hypersensitive immune system of the human body on subjective stimuli. Usually expressed in sneezing, coughing , runny nose , hives and even hurt one’s eyes . So if elementary cleaning of the apartment , you end in tears , the reason for this household dust allergy . According to the World Health Organization from diseases associated with dust suffers nearly 40 % of world population . And directly from allergies – every tenth person . In urban same conditions the risk of its occurrence increases several dozen times. Also gassed air , our body is exposed to this dust attack. But what is the reason that it is so dangerous ?

What is dust?

Household dust, which filled our apartment , in fact, is the microscopic waste our life and life of our household, whether children , animals or birds . It may contain tiny flakes of our epithelium , down blankets , wool, pets , pieces of food , pollen favorite freesias , clothing fibers , mold spores , bacteria and even living beings – dust mites saprophytes . Saprophytes – are microbes that feed on dead organic matter. Their size ranges from 100 to 300 microns , and most comfortable habitat : mattresses, pillows and bed linen , that is what is closest to our body . In one gram of dust lives of at least 300 saprophytes . How to deal with this army of invaders ?

methods of struggle

pilosmokGlavnoe rule – regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner . It should be done at least twice a week. But ordinary vacuums virtually powerless against ticks. The bulk filter retains only large dust particles and microorganisms pass through them , scattered throughout the apartment. That’s why after cleaning people who are allergic to dust , it becomes even worse. Do not relax and those insensitive to dust mites and has no allergies. Dust particles damage the walls of the alveoli , disrupting immune barrier .

What should be the vacuum cleaner?

Thus, a new line of Samsung vacuum cleaner includes a brush with a special design, which is equipped with a UV lamp which destroys germs and dust mites. And also has increased traction with the floor due to the uniform pressure distribution , which allows to suck a significantly greater amount of debris .

To clean the surface , but it does not pollute the air , in a vacuum cleaner Samsung Motion Sync F700 a filter capable of retaining and releasing back to even the fine dust . It is also useful in cleaning , it is sufficient to wash water to prepare for further use . Another important detail – the container dust collector. Pick a model capable to restrict you from contact with dust , ie without fabric bags that have to shake , and therefore breathe dust. Plastic container – ideal in such cases , because just open the cover and throw it in the bin contents .

Protect you and your family will vacuum to perform deep cleaning of carpets, mattresses, upholstered furniture , pillows , and even toys. Especially for this Samsung Motion Sync F700 is an indicator of dust , the red LED which lights up when it detects polluted site , and green when you can move on to the next site .

In order not to harm their health, also pay attention to how much time you spend on cleaning . The smaller the contact duration with the dust , the better. The special geometry of the housing Motion Sync Design and large wheels at the vacuum cleaner Samsung F700, make it stable and maneuverable. This will help to overcome the twists and thresholds in the apartment without spending time on it. Save minutes during harvest and also the power switch ON / OFF button , which is right on the handle and frees you from having to thereby reach them .

Since allergy – this is not a congenital disease , it can strike at any age , as a consequence of lifestyle , stress and other factors. It is important to make every effort to ensure that shield it from himself and his family . Try to make your home truly clean and you do not touch the alarm diseases.

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