Be healthy and live in harmony with nature


Whisper others :

– What an evil spirit possessed you ?

– Where to seek shelter ?

– Which again is not it ?

Just yesterday , cheerful and carefree and nervous and sad today … My husband and kids got out of hand at work discord all around annoying chest hurts …

All women are capricious in nature or is it PMS … How often these days we women hear unflattering comments from others about their behavior. Uncontrollable outbursts of anger and irritability , changes in eating habits , insomnia , edema , chest pain … Plus – ridicule others , saying that such a period is nothing … you just have to wait …

Each month, the majority of women have had to endure the discomfort : breast swelling , headaches , irritation , sleep disturbance , fatigue , depression . All this complex of symptoms that occur cyclically , doctors combine the term premenstrual syndrome . Female body is susceptible to such changes monthly , often these changes are accompanied by nausea , bloating , indigestion .

According to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of the United Kingdom, approximately every tenth woman in the world suffer from premenstrual syndrome !

Form of PMS vary from mild – unmotivated roar into the pillow , buy shadows from Guerlain, consumption morozhennog kilograms ; and to heavy – detailed planning kills husbands in-law , puncturing eyes head of the department handle ” Parker .” All these symptoms occur against a background of lack of any pathology , in other words – against a background of sickness absence . Is this true? Or , after all, the ICP is a disease ?

What is dangerous PMS?

PMS – is dangerous because it hormonal disorders in the body. In particular , it is the imbalance of estrogen and progesterone in women. Apart from physical and psychological discomfort it may cause several diseases , such as mastitis .

Our women are unpleasant sensations associated with menstruation , as to business as usual and do not see a reason for referral to a specialist . At the same time, most of the residents of Europe and the U.S. , not even thinking , go to the doctor . As a result , they feel better , because correct diet, take vitamin and minerals, and herbal medications for hormonal regulation of hormonal levels.

Enough to endure and suffer

No need to suffer himself ” a “! With a bad dream , but a good appetite ; with a bad mood and shouted , and at the same time with the offense to the whole world ; and even more so , we should not tolerate the pain and swelling in the breast that accompanies PMS.

Thus, ICP treated. A good solution for such an intimate problem – not plant hormones that help women stay healthy. For example , the German drug Mastodinon . Mastodinon help relieve tension and pain in the chest, restore hormonal balance and inner balance . It is also applicable to the treatment of mastitis has a floral composition, and wherein the proven high efficiency. The main active ingredient is mastodinon prostrate summer cypress . This plant reduces prolactin , ie eliminating the underlying cause of premenstrual syndrome – hyperprolactinemia . Decrease in prolactin leads to the elimination of chest pain and reduces swelling .

Woman – a perfect creation of nature, so let nature take care of mastodinon and your health !

Since Mastodinon – herbal preparation , he has no immediate effect. The duration of treatment should be at least 3 months.

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