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Say no allergies!

Say no allergies!

Allergies – is hypersensitive immune system of the human body on subjective stimuli. Usually expressed in sneezing, coughing , runny nose , hives and even hurt one’s eyes . So if elementary cleaning of the apartment , you end in tears , the reason for this household dust allergy . According to the World Health Organization from diseases associated with dust suffers nearly 40 % of world population . And directly from allergies – every tenth person . In urban same conditions the risk of its occurrence increases several dozen times. Also gassed air , our body is exposed to this dust attack. But what is the reason that it is so dangerous ?

What is dust?

Household dust, which filled our apartment , in fact, is the microscopic waste our life and life of our household, whether children , animals or birds . It may contain tiny flakes of our epithelium , down blankets , wool, pets , pieces of food , pollen favorite freesias , clothing fibers , mold spores , bacteria and even living beings – dust mites saprophytes . Saprophytes – are microbes that feed on dead organic matter. Their size ranges from 100 to 300 microns , and most comfortable habitat : mattresses, pillows and bed linen , that is what is closest to our body . In one gram of dust lives of at least 300 saprophytes . How to deal with this army of invaders ?

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