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Who was Dr. “Pi”?

He demonstrated phenomenal abilities , memorizing the order of millions of numbers , after reading the paragraphs could quote by heart … A few years ago the whole country was discussing with admiration of his talented compatriot Andrew Slyusarchuk . He easily could quote text from any page “Poet” , to carry out calculations with very large numbers. And his ” fad ” was playing from memory three tens of millions of digits after the decimal number “Pi” . In addition, Andrew managed Slyusarchuk blindly beat the strongest chess program «Rybka 4 “, which shocked many well-known players . Speaking to journalists , our hero is not just focused on your education , calling himself a neurosurgeon , doctor of medical sciences , as well as the practitioner to carry out complex neurosurgical operations .

Andrew Slyusarchuk became so successful that it is not lack attention and the highest echelons of power. So , in 2009, he was congratulated by the President of Ukraine with the establishment of record in memorizing the very large amount of information. In the same 2009 Viktor Yushchenko held another meeting with Dr. Pi, during which discussed the idea of creating in Ukraine ” of the Brain .”

Plasterer hypnotist

In numerous stories and interviews , the majority of replicated channels , present a simple ” fantastic ” biographies of Slyusarchuk . At 9 years old he had already graduated from high school , and at 12 he entered the Moscow State Medical Institute named after Pirogov . At age 18, he graduated from high school with honors , and then entered graduate school , where he defended his thesis on the cerebral lesions in herpes encephalitis .

However, the legend of the phenomenal opportunities Dr. Pi did not last long . In 2011, the newspaper “Express” published part of their investigative journalism , which exposes Slyusarchuk . Confirming newspaper quoted an official response of the Pirogov Institute , which states that Andrew Slyusarchuk never been a student of the institution . Journalists were able to establish that, in fact , our hero learned Kozyatyn ( Vinnytsia region) in the PTU- 17 named after Ivan Boiko, where he specialized in Darby – tiler – Tiles . Teachers say that at the time Andrei money spent hypnosis .

Russian documents on education and the title of Doctor Pi were fake, but on their basis the Ministry of Education and Science issued Slyusarchuk authentic diplomas. To do this, even going to a special academic council , on which the decision on the confirmation of existing Russian documents.

Medical affairs Dr. Pi

Neyrohirurgichekie intervention replace … cocktails from stem cells
Scientists have found that patients with diseases of the brain can simply ” breathe ” stem neuronal cells directly into the brain through the nose. This technique can be an alternative to complex neurosurgical
The worst thing in the Dr. Pi, this is not a demonstration of his questionable abilities. Without proper medical education , Andrew Slyusarchuk led medical practice , to carry out complex neurosurgical operations .

One of the first victims of Dr. Pi became commandant of the hostel ” Lviv Polytechnic ” Natalia , which Andrew Slyusarchuk blood transfusions right in the dorm room ! After this procedure, the woman died . Daughter Natalie says that her mother was quite healthy , and just wanted to boost immunity , and Andrew Slyusarchuk insisted on blood transfusion.

Opinions of doctors on medical activities Andrei Slyusarchuk radically different. Some experts who have worked side-by- side with him , say in his literacy and professionalism. Death after some neurosurgery doctors explain extreme cases, patients , and for which undertook Slyusarchuk .

At the same time neurosurgeon Ternopil Oblast Children’s Hospital Roman Sagaidak giving evidence in court, spoke about the case of a very sick girl with a head injury . Council of physicians agreed that any surgery is contraindicated in this case , but contrary to the decision of doctors spent Slyusarchuk craniotomy . Another case involved a seriously ill boy who doctors performed the operation , and then decided not to conduct any more surgical procedures . However, Andrew Slyusarchuk had surgery , and then the child’s condition deteriorated significantly and death occurred .

Some doctors working with Andrew Slyusarchuk , says Dr. Pi could not tie knots and even postoperative incorrectly held a scalpel, is simply unthinkable to a specialist at this level.

According to available data , medical doctor Slyusarchuk activities led to the deaths of six people.

In February Sykhivskiy District Court of Lviv Andriy Slyusarchuk sentenced to 8 years imprisonment in the payment of compensation to the victims of the multiple actions of Dr. Pi .

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